Time for Change.

We employ the latest database technology in conjunction with state of the art analytics to maximize performance, minimize expenditure, and create a smart workforce.


In exploration and production, numbers speak vast quantities of information. Have the right tool to listen and predict corrosion, chemical waste, and expenditures.


Transportation is fundamental to the oil and gas market, however, this is where some of the largest losses are documented. Whether it is chemical spillage, asset security, or transportation time that is effecting your success, our analytic tools will be able to pinpoint the cause.



Profitable in bulk, the refinement process requires intense focus on the critical numbers. Feeding into the TCLabz database technology, this information is accessible, secure, and available for proprietary analysis. 

Big Data for Big Change.

The basic concept of analytics is obtaining data, numbers, and readings to compare against each other. The tools for comparing this information are massive, clunky, intrusive, or just unusable. We gather this data into a centralized database to compare the data within seconds to get a readable, interactive view of what the numbers are saying. The numbers are talking, are you listening?

Robust cloud infrastructure keeps all your data in one place: where ever you need it! Multiple people can access the information, make edits, and preform real time analytics, without effecting others.

Stepping up security with a unique security package designed for the Israeli military, all files are protected with state of the art technology. This enables peace of mind while saving the world of poor logistics.

No longer is compiling and analyzing millions of entries an insuperable, time consuming, or a chore. Analytics are made fun, solutions are easy, and comparisons are done by themselves. Through machine learning algorithms, the user merely has to select the file, or files, they wish to read from, then the data is presented in graphs, ranking bars, and in numerous other forms.

Spreadsheets are dying. Data is fun.


Why spend countless hours sifting through innumerable lines of data with limited results? Let your data come alive with every mouse click, touch, and keystroke! User-friendly, colorful, and fun software for data analysis is available. With our "single click upload" platform, take all of your archaic spreadsheets, of any file type, and add them to your project. Do not stop there! Upload related media files, power points, web links, and more! All uploads will be compiled and added to each individual item.

Have Data? Start Listening to it!

Great questions offer the best answers. Are you curious as to what realtime analytics can do for you, or are you ready to become a customer? Reach out and see what we can do for you!

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